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Mentions in Popular Press

September 2019

Thiessen, Connie. 2019. “The Podcast: Four-Time CCMA Music Director of the Year Winner Amanda Kingsland.” Broadcast Dialogue, 27 September.

Watters, Gemma. 2019. “Country’s New Supergroup ‘The Highwomen’ Unite to Make Way for Unsung Female Artists,” NPR, 15 September.

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Thiessen, Connie. 2019. “Study Finds Men Outplaying Women on Canadian Country Radio 8.7 to 1.” Broadcast Dialogue, 11 September.

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Weiner, Natalie. 2019. “Country Music is a Man’s World. The Highwaymen Want to Change That.” The New York Times, 3 September.

August 2019

Sumanac-Johnson, Deana. 2019. “Women on Country Radio are Endangered Species, New Research Says.” CBC News, 17 August.

Inside Radio. 2019. “Female Country Artists Had Only Four No. 1’s in Past 19 Months.” InsideRadio, 5 August.

Dredge, Stuart. 2019. “Flagship Country Streaming Playlists Outdo Radio for Diversity.” Music Ally, 5 August.

Eggersten, Chris. 2019. “Female Artists Account for Just 21% of Songs on Billboard’s Country Airplay Charts: SongData Research Finds a ‘Significant Gender Imbalance’ in Country Radio.” Billboard, 2 August.

July 2019

Stilwell, Rachel. 2019. “Rachel Stilwell.” Storyophonic, 15 July. [In conversation with Storyophonic’s Dan Kimpel, Stilwell cites SongData’s research in her discussion of the impact of the Telecommunications Act on diversity in radio programming.]

Brunner, Jeryl. 2019. “Trisha Yearwood Says Life is a ‘Sliding Scale. Everything is Not Always in Perfect Balance.” Parade, 12 July.

Godwin, Cody. 2019. “Trisha Yearwood: ‘Country Music Has to Change’.” BBC News, 8 July.

Barnes, Hannah. 2019. “Kelleigh Bannen Says the State of Women in Country Music is ‘Really Wild’.”, 2 July.

Stimeling, Travis. 2019. “It’s Time to Stop Promoting the White, Working-Class Cliche of Country Music.” 100 Days in Appalachia, 1 July.

June 2019

Moss, Marissa. 2019. “Country Music’s Reckoning: Race and Gender, 2019-Style.” Pop Literacy, 25 June. [Pop Literacy‘s Jennifer Armstrong and Kimberly Potts discuss gender and racial inequity in country music with Moss.]

Savage, Mark. 2019. “Maren Morris: Country Music Has A Problem with Sexuality.” BBC News, 12 June.

Marissa, Moss. 2019. “One More Scoop of Vanilla: A New Proposal Looks to Loosen Radio Ownership Rules.” NPR, 7 June.

Yahr, Emily. 2019. “Why Kacey Musgraves, Who Keeps Winning wards, Still Can’t Get a Country Radio Hit.” Washington Post, 6 June. [Reprinted in print editions of National Post, 12 June; “Radio Silence: Country Radio Stations Ignore Star,” The Ottawa Citizen, 18 June; “Country Star Gets No Respect From Radio,” The Vancouver Sun, 18 June.

Erickson, Kevin. 2019. “Podcast #196 – The Campaign to Keep Local Radio Local.” Radio Survivor, 4 June. [Host Paul Riismandel discusses issues of localism and diversity in radio programming with Erickson, from Future of Music Coalition.]

May 2019

Moss, Marissa. 2019. “Banding Together: From Country and R&B to hip-hop and rock, female artists are taking their show on the road…together.” Entertainment Weekly, 31 May.

Ward, Rachel. 2019. “The Sociology of Country Music Lyrics.” The Economist, 30 May.

Houghton, Cillea. 2019. “Female Nashville Execs Speak out at ‘Women Who Rock’ Music Biz Event.” The Variety, 9 May.

Godwin, Cody. 2019. “Garth Brooks on Country Music’s Gender Bias: ‘We Don’t Have Enough Female Voices’.” BBC News, 3 May. [Reprinted in Business Ghana13 June.]

Moss, Marissa. 2019. “Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ Sounds Like Country’s Future. So Why Has Nashville Snubbed It?” Los Angeles Times, 1 May.

April 2019

Brown, Harley. 2019. “Consolidation is Harming Diversity and Localism in Terrestrial Radio, According to New Report.” Billboard Biz, 30 April.

Inside Radio. 2019. “Research Delves into Female-Male Artist Disparity on Country Radio.” Inside Radio, 29 April.

Maddison, Katie. 2019. “Men Still Dominate Country Radio Airplay, Distressing Study Reveals.” Country Daily, 29 April.

Moore, Bobby. 2019. “Even Country Radio’s Most-Played Women Struggle Compared to its Most-Played Men, Study Finds.” The Boot, 29 April.

Radio Ink. 2019. “Study: Lack of Female Artists on Radio is Real.” Radio Ink, 29 April.

Smith, Courtney E. 2019. “Want to Hear a Woman on Country Radio? You’ll Have to Sit Through 44 Songs by Men First.” Refinery29, 27 April.

Hughes, William. 2019. “Study Reveals Shocking Result: Country Radio is Still Totally Dominated by Dudes.” AV/News, 26 April.

Whitaker, Sterling. 2019. “New Study Reveals Nearly 10-to-1 Disparity Between Men and Women at Country Radio.” Taste of Country, 26 April.

Nicholson, Jessica. 2019. “Spun Out: New Study Examines Drastic Decline in Female Artists on Country Radio.” MusicRow, 26 April.

Brown, Harley. 2019. “Study Finds ‘Alarming’ Gender Representation on Country Radio.” Billboard, 26 April.

Moss, Marissa. 2019. “New Study Examines Impact of Country Radio Programming on Women.” Rolling Stone Country, 26 April.

Mercuri, Monica. 2019 “Reba McEntire’s ACM Award Criticism Speaks to Ongoing Issues for Female Country Artists.” Forbes, 8 April.

Moss, Marissa R. 2019. “New Country Music Study Examines Scarcity of Women on Radio.” Rolling Stone Country, 5 April.

March 2019

Vallet, Stéphanie. 2019. “Palmarès : où sont les femmes?La Presse, 8 mars. [Mise à jours le 11 mars, “Palmarès musicaux : où sont les femmes?“]

February 2019

Moss, Marissa R. 2019. “Women on Country Radio: CRS 2019 Sends Mixed Messages.” Rolling Stone Country, 27 February.


Moss, Marissa R. 2018. “Go-Karting With Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line, 2018’s Unlikeliest Hitmaking Team.” Billboard Magazine, 15 December.

Buchholz, Amanda B. 2018. “Gender Equity Strikes a Chord in Country Music Industry.” The Progressive, 1 November.

Smith, Courtney E. 2018. “The Man Who Thinks Women in Country Music Are ‘Tomatoes’ Is At It Again.” Refinery29, July 8.

Media Appearances

Interview with Jon Caramanica and guest Natalie Weiner for The New York Times “Popcast” podcast, “The Highwaymen, Miranda Lambers and the Women Invigorating Country Country Music,” October 11, 2019.

Interview with Andrew and Sean of Country-Country Music podcast, “Women on Country Radio,” October 9, 2019.

Interview with Cody “Murph” Murphy for Weekdays with Murph podcast, October 7, 2019.

Entrevue avec Rudy Desjardins pour Le Café Show du Radio-Canada, “Musique country : de moins en moins de femmes à la radio,” September 16, 2019.

Interview with Giacomo Panico for CBC Radio Ottawa Morning. Gender Representation on Country Music Radio, August 22, 2019.

Interview with Deana Sumanac-Johnson for The National, Women in Country Music Get Less Airplay, Says Prof, 16 August, 2019.

Interview with guest host Cormac MacSweeney for Ottawa Today with Mark Sutcliffe – 1310 News, Discussion on Gender Gap in Country Radio, 30 July 2019 [33:00-43:50].

Interview with Sarah Boesveld for The Big Stories Podcast, “Country Music Has a Woman Problem,” 29 July, 2019.

Interview with Connie Thiessen for Broadcast Dialogue – The Podcast, “Dr. Jada Watson on the widening gender gap in Country radio,” May 3, 2019.

Interview with Preston Mulligan for Maritime Noon (CBC – Halifax), “Phone-in with Brett Kissel about the growing popularity of country music,” October 18, 2018 [12:38-53:03].