Studies of Networks and Genres through Data

The SongData Project explores the potential of using discographic and biographic data to learn more about how popular music genres form, develop, and evolve over time. We are developing approaches for using information about songs and artists to explore the connections between musicians and the broader socio-cultural and institutional frameworks that govern genres.

Keepers of the Flame blog has launched!

The Keepers of the Flame blog spotlights women in country music. The KOF blog will focus on pivotal moments in the careers of women and in the history of the Hot Country Songs chart. We will look at artists’ debut on the charts, a song that has influenced the following generation, important socio-cultural and political moments, and much more! We want to share stories about remarkable women throughout the genre’s history – as “Keepers” of the country storytelling flame.

In honour of the 2019 Women’s March, SongData published a special three-part Marching for Women Series. The first blog post in the series takes a close look at DeltaRae’s social activism with their song “Hands Dirty“. The second celebrates the one-year anniversary of the release of Song Suffragette’s “Time’s Up“. The final blog post takes a deep dive into SongData’s first data-driven study of gender representation in the country music industry, which focused on the role of radio in the genre’s culture. Published in two parts, the first blog post presents the study’s results and the second explains the results and the broader socio-cultural implications of gender-based radio programming.